Gehoopt, zelfs verwacht én toch teleurgesteld…

Thank you for presenting at the Speaker Pitch event this past Sunday. We really enjoyed your ideas and enthusiasm. We had a nearly impossible time choosing and we loved your story but there are others that fit the overall storyline of TEDx AmsterdamED better for this year. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to invite you to present at the main TEDx AmsterdamED event – for this year at least. We’d love to hear from you again for the next event and would hope you’ll consider pitching next year. If you would like to stay current with TEDx AmsterdamED news and sign up for the newsletter please visit our website.
Please note that we are still in the process of communicating the results to everyone and the official announcement of who has been selected will be available early next week.
Again, thank you for your participation and your innovative ideas. You helped to create a very special event last Sunday and it is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Nathalie  – on behalf of the Curation Team