Phaedrus – Plato


We will be meeting once a week online to read from the original text one of the Platonic dialogues, the Phaedrus.

The Greek for Philosophers Reading Group is open to all levels of Greek learners, from Beginners to Advanced level, since the focus will be mostly on the content rather than the language. Participants will be asked to prepare a translation of a short passage in advance and then present their translation in class, after which the discussion of the content will be open to all.

Translating will not be compulsory for participants and in the case of lack of translators, the seminar leader will lead the group through the text.

The aim of the reading group is to provide students and scholars interested in Plato with an informal platform in which they can come in contact with the text in the original Greek and discuss the content in a relaxed and friendly environment.

There will be 10 ( x 1 hour) weekly meetings, starting on the 13th of January and finishing on the 17th of March 2021. The course will be taught live online on Zoom. Classes will be recorded.